ai technology for sexually deprived

Dating and sex

For example, no one else met on the street. In the Tinder era (and harassment), this looks like an inappropriate archaic. Both sexual preferences and the very understanding of sex have changed, since this topic is almost removed from the category of social taboos (and there is still porn – while you read to this place, several films for adults were made in the world). And all this seems to us a normal part of an accelerating life, we, as mentioned above, are not able to compare.

Other areas

The development of technology is changing the world of marketing (the most obvious: the analysis of personal data and, as a result, personal advertising – hello, Trump!). They are changing medicine, where complex operations on the brain or heart, transplantation and the creation of artificial organs, and even genome editing (and also AI diagnoses cognitive disorders) are possible . They change sports and creativity (I will give you an example of museums of modern art with VR / AR technologies), integrate into everyday life and design it. Can I heat food without a microwave? Obviously. But why?

Heidegger, arguing with both left and right sociologists, says: technology itself cannot be destructive, there is no demonism of technology, but there is a secret of its essence, meaning and design of creation. It was created to change a person and is not alienated from the nature of man, and does not subordinate him to himself, but becomes an organic part of this nature

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