Diginex launches Helios warm storage cryptocurrency wallet

Diginex launches Helios warm storage cryptocurrency wallet

Preparing for listing on Nasdaq, Diginex cryptocurrency company launched Helios cryptocurrency storage solution through its subsidiary Digivault.

According to a press release, a new storage solution, called Helios, protects users from duplicate keys, theft of crypto assets, provides hardware protection for networks and guarantees a high level of security.

Helios integrates with Kelvin’s proprietary cold storage solution, which allows crypto assets to be stored in vaults that also contain gold and silver. The custodial solution meets Cyber ​​Essential Plus certification requirements supported by the UK government. Digivault CEO Robert Cooper said:

“We created a scalable platform that can store several digital assets, including payment tokens and stock tokens, after the appropriate licenses are requested.”

Cooper argues that Helios has a greater security advantage over similar solutions. According to him, the service “will enable Digivault to meet the needs of organizations in tokenization as their digital presence expands.”

Digivault calls Helios a “warm storage” solution. It provides online access to crypto assets on the Internet, like hot wallets, but the keys are stored on a secure hardware device, and not directly on the server.

Recall that last summer there was information that Diginex could soon be listed on the Nasdaq after the merger with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. Regarding the current listing status, Cooper said:

“Diginex remains fully committed to completing the proposed share swap agreement, subject to approval by regulators and shareholders. The transaction is expected to be completed in June, and therefore our listing on the Nasdaq will be possible at the same time. ”

In December, Diginex and the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched
tool to prevent labor exploitation of migrants in Hong Kong.

Diginex launches Helios warm storage cryptocurrency wallet

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