GeekBrains Launches Short Online Excel Course

GeekBrains Launches Short Online Excel Course

Educational portal GeekBrains has announced the opening of a set for an online course on Excel. Students will master Excel from scratch to expert level in a month. Graduates will receive a course diploma and will be able to pass official certification for Microsoft Office.

The course is designed for beginners and those who want to learn how to work more efficiently in Excel using formulas and life hacks. Video lessons will be useful for those who want to change jobs: according to HeadHunter, advanced Excel knowledge is required for more than 20,000 vacancies.

Students will learn how to use mathematical, textual and logical formulas to work with data, create combined formulas for solving business problems, prepare reports using pivot tables, filter, sort and group data in various ways, as well as visualize information using charts and graphs.

The course program includes eight universal lessons for mastering the basic tools and two thematic lessons focused on marketers and managers.

Classes will be held in the format of video lessons with homework. Students can test themselves by video from the leading course – Nikolai Belousov, founder of the digital marketing agency, ex-Head of Digital at MAXIMUM Education.

Classes will begin on May 10. Tuition is paid, you can leave a request on the GeekBrains website.

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GeekBrains Launches Short Online Excel Course

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