This Is How You Should Handle The Equifax Data Breach

 This Is How You Should Handle The Equifax Data Breach

Equifax data breach proves that the Internet cannot be ignored – 2020. Equifax, a credit reporting company, was hacked, which led to the disclosure of confidential information. This includes confidential information such as addresses and social security numbers. An estimated 143 million Americans have been affected by this violation.

What is most worrying about this violation is that most victims do not even know that they are Equifax customers. If this is not enough, the data violation is considered the worst of its kind in terms of the number of people who suffered and the disclosed confidential information.Once you get Ivacy VPN, mask your IP address for security and anonymity on the Internet.

Were only Americans affected?

Equifax claims that only 143 million people were affected in the United States alone. However, people in Canada and the UK have also been affected, although the exact number is currently unknown.The credit card numbers of 209,000 American customers were compromised, apart from the personal information of 182,000 American customers.

Reason for violation
According to the credit reporting company, the violation was caused by the fact that cybercriminals used the vulnerability of an American web application to access certain files. No further information was provided, and the company representative did not provide further comments.The violation took place from May to July, and was discovered on July 29. By then it was already too late, and the violation became even more deadly than it already was.Cybercriminals can be defeated forever with Ivacy VPN.

Can customers check if they are affected?
Fortunately, customers can check if they have been affected. To do this, they need to indicate their last name and the last six digits of their social security number.

At the moment, Equifax has assured its customers that they will be enrolled in an identity theft protection program along with their credit file monitoring services. Although more information about the process has not yet been provided.

How could such a violation be prevented?
Seeing how online security and anonymity is no longer a reality, individuals and companies must take things into their own hands to ensure that they do not have to deal with privacy violations under any circumstances.For example, such a violation could have been completely avoided if Equifax had used a premium VPN service, for example, Ivacy VPN.

It will work in such a way that it will use the remote access function of the VPN server to ensure that only authenticated users can access their private networks to access confidential and confidential information. At the same time, individuals can use the VPN and its functions, including, but not limited to, Internet Kill Switch, Smart DNS Protection, Public Wi-Fi Security and IPv6 Leak Protection to increase their security and anonymity on the Internet.

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