Jaguar Introduces Touchless Touch Control Panel

Jaguar Introduces Touchless Touch Control Panel

Researchers have developed touch-screen interaction technology for cars.

According to the development team from Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Cambridge, such a system will not only help keep drivers on the road, but will also prevent the spread of pathogens from surfaces, which is especially important during an epidemic.

Artificial intelligence uses cameras and radio frequency sensors to track gestures, eyes, and other contextual information to determine which button a person wants to press. This touch prediction system can be especially useful when driving on a bumpy or bumpy road.

Tests have shown that when using this contactless technology, the driver spends half the time and effort interacting with the touch surface. The system also greatly simplifies management for people with tremors and other hand movement problems such as Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy.

The developers argue that the program can be integrated into existing touchscreen displays with the necessary sensors, and not only for cars.

We also previously reported that Bosch is developing a 3D dashboard to help keep the driver focused on important information.

, photo and video: Cambridge University

Jaguar Introduces Touchless Touch Control Panel

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