Japan to send 8K probe to Mars

Japan to send 8K probe to Mars

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is working with telecommunications company NHK to develop 4K and 8K cameras for the probe to capture high-quality images of Mars and its satellites.

In 2024, he plans to send the MMX spacecraft to the red planet, equipped with ultra-high-resolution cameras. The mission suggests that after reaching Mars in 2025, the probe will take highly detailed photographs of the planet’s surface and its moons (Phobos and Deimos), and then land on the larger of them to collect material.

The images taken will be partially transmitted by MMX to Earth via radio signals, but all the originals will be stored in a capsule, which will return back only with the samples after a while.

In addition to capturing smoother images, information from new cameras combined with flight data will help JAXA visualize spacecraft behavior and improve control. The mission will also benefit NHK, which will receive unique 8K images not available to other media giants.

In addition, since 2019, the Japan Aerospace Research Agency, together with Toyota, has been developing a six-wheeled all-terrain vehicle for long lunar expeditions, which it plans to send to an earth satellite in 2029.

, photo and video: JAXA

Japan to send 8K probe to Mars

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