Largest digital camera captured 3,200 megapixels

Largest digital camera captured 3,200 megapixels

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has successfully tested the largest digital camera in existence, taking several gigantic photographs at 3200 megapixels.

To achieve this quality, the scientists placed an array of 189 separate sensors on a half-meter focal plane, each of which can take 16-megapixel images. The first images were not clear enough as they were taken without a lens, which was replaced by a 150 micron projection pinhole.

The team has already released a special program for viewing such huge images, since it would take 378 4K screens to display them in full size. However, the design of the camera still needs some work. In the near future, it will integrate a shutter, sensors, a filter change system and the largest optical lens to date with three lenses with diameters of 1.57 m, 1.2 m and 0.72 m. After installing all the elements, it will be the size of an SUV.

The giant digital camera will be used as a telescope at the Vera Rubin Observatory, taking panoramic images of the southern hemisphere sky over 10 years to expand the Heritage of Space and Time catalog of galaxies. The focal plane is large enough to capture 40 full moons in the sky, high resolution can detect a tennis ball at distances of 25 km, and sensors can detect an object 100 million times fainter than the minimum human perception threshold.

The assembly of the device should be completed by mid-2021. The project cost is $ 168 million.

We also previously reported that NASA scientists plan to photograph exoplanet surfaces using the sun’s gravity as a giant lens.

, Jacqueline Orrell

Largest digital camera captured 3,200 megapixels

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