LG robots begin delivering goods from stores to homes

LG robots begin delivering goods from stores to homes

LG Electronics has begun testing a robotic delivery service for grocery stores.

Service robots LG Cloi Servebot with three retractable drawers with a capacity of 15 kg will be engaged in the delivery of customer orders. During testing, such delivery services will be available only to buyers of the South Korean chain of retail shops GS25.

According to the developers, from Monday, Cloi Servebot will be able to bring goods directly to the customer’s door, since they can independently go up and down in an elevator, connecting to them wirelessly. Although so far, the range of their movement is limited to a maximum of 9 floors up and the basement floor.

After a customer places an order through the KakaoTalk app, store employees put the products they need into the robot boxes and set the destination. Upon arrival at the desired location, Cloi notifies the customer of the delivery by call and text message. LG claims the delivery time will not exceed 5 minutes, and customers will be able to track the movement of the robot.

The service should help busy office workers save time and reduce the number of contacts between people in the process of everyday shopping.

In South Korea, service robots have practically become a daily occurrence. Since February of this year, other Cloi models have begun delivering food at Seoul’s Chejjemyunso restaurant, a robotic barista has begun serving customers in a cafĂ© in Daejeon, and since the end of last year, KT robots have brought in-room orders to Novotel Ambassador Seoul Dongdaemun Hotels & Residence guests.

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LG robots begin delivering goods from stores to homes

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