Moscow Digital School will hold a master class on creating smart contracts without code

Moscow Digital School will hold a master class on creating smart contracts without code

On June 17-18, Moscow will host a Moscow Digital School master class on developing smart contracts on blockchain technology: “We create smart contracts without a code”.

Smart contracts are not only fashionable and technologically advanced, but also fast, secure and confidential. Business owners, analysts, lawyers who keep up with the times are already thoroughly studying working with smart contracts and their practical application, and large companies are introducing them to optimize business processes.

For example, Gazpromneft-Aero and S7 Airlines developed and implemented smart contracts for aviation fuel, which made it possible to increase the speed of mutual settlements when refueling aircraft, as well as automate the planning and accounting of fuel supplies.

Another example is the S7 Group, together with Alfa Bank, implemented the world’s first air ticket sale using blockchain technology, which allowed to optimize business processes and automate mutual settlements, reducing their passage from 14 days to 23 seconds. In addition, in October 2019, amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on Digital Rights (Federal Law of March 18, 2019 N 34-ФЗ) came into force that regulate smart

On the example of real business cases, the speakers of the “Create smart contracts without code” master class participants will learn how to create and execute smart contracts on the popular Enterprise blockchain platform HyperLedger Fabric. The master class will be divided into a theoretical and practical module. During the first module, they will tell you how to use blockchain technology in solving business problems, as well as analyze the specifics of legal regulation of smart contracts in Russia.

As part of the practical module, the participants of the master class will create and publish their own smart contract on the blockchain network and check the logic of its work. After gaining this knowledge, participants will be able to use blockchain technology to solve important business problems, master the principles of analysis and design of smart contracts, and also see new opportunities for optimizing the business using a distributed registry.

Participants in the master class will receive the necessary hard skills. At the end of the program, a checklist is issued with recommendations for creating a good smart contract and a certificate of completion from Moscow Digital School.

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Moscow Digital School will hold a master class on creating smart contracts without code

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