New patch tracks heart and biochemical parameters simultaneously

New patch tracks heart and biochemical parameters simultaneously

Researchers have developed an elastic patch that contains a variety of sensors that track a person’s various vital signs.

Over time, advances in flexible electronics technology will allow some devices to be replaced with discreet e-skin stickers. The team from the University of California at San Diego has a new achievement in this direction.

Scientists have created the first wearable device that can simultaneously monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and the concentration of ethanol, caffeine, glucose and lactate in the blood. For this, integrated electrochemical and ultrasonic sensors are used.

Such a patch allows you to analyze a lot of information about a person’s condition in a non-invasive way and without the need for physical contact, which is especially convenient during periods of an epidemic. In addition to the healthcare sector, the device can be used by athletes and the military.

During the tests, the patch data was compared with the readings of individual instruments to measure each parameter. It showed accurate results even when the structure was deformed.

The main drawback of the current prototype is that it operates from an external power source and transfers data to a computer. However, the team is already working on improving it, getting rid of the wires and reducing power consumption.

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, University of California – San Diego

New patch tracks heart and biochemical parameters simultaneously

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