Nym Launches Data Mixer Network Testing for Users

Nym Launches Data Mixer Network Testing for Users

The Nym project opened the next phase of testing the data mixing network. The company is looking forward to connecting users of blockchains to increase privacy.

Initially, users are encouraged to run mixed nodes on the Nym test network. The global network of nodes will form a mixed network that aims to irreversibly hide metadata in Internet traffic by mixing user data packets.

Nym claims that, unlike VPN and Tor, a mixed network will help to avoid even surveillance by the US National Security Agency (NSA). Nym CEO Harry Halpin said:

“With Nym, you are free to talk, and your Internet traffic does not reveal your metadata. This is especially important now, given the increased government surveillance due to the coronavirus. The Nym mixed network is opposed to a global passive adversary similar to the NSA, which is able to record all incoming and outgoing network traffic. ”

The Nym test network will be deployed in three phases during 2020. The first stage is a mixed network and setting up public mixing nodes. This will be followed by the addition of validators to completely decentralize the mixed network. In the third stage, a reward will be realized for those who operate the mixing units and mixing packages.

A Nym mixed network will allow any blockchain or application that wants to provide advanced privacy services to integrate into the network. Electric Coin Company, co-developer of the Zcash cryptocurrency, took part in earlier testing. The company said: “ECC believes that network privacy is an important level of protection for cryptocurrency users.”

According to Halpin, privacy is being compromised by governments around the world as they strengthen supervision and surveillance of citizens in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19. Once these measures are taken, they will be difficult to reverse. Therefore, he believes that people should act collectively in the struggle for personal freedom.

Recall that Nym entered
in the first batch of blockchain projects released by the Binance Labs incubator in 2018.

Nym Launches Data Mixer Network Testing for Users

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