The number of bitcoin whales reached a record level

The number of bitcoin whales reached a record level

Over the past two months, the number of bitcoin whales has increased by 2% and this week reached a record level.

Despite the fact that the MTC exchange rate is still at the same level as on the eve of the May 11 halving, investors expect it to grow significantly in the long run amid fiscal and monetary stimulus in countries around the world.

This is confirmed by the data of the analytical company Glassnode, according to which, since mid-April, the number of holders of 1000 or more bitcoins increased by 56, reaching on Monday the figure of 1844, which is the record level previously observed only during the cryptocurrency period in November 2017.

The analysis took into account addresses controlled by the same persons, therefore the metric algorithms do not take into account the exchanges’ vaults, but add up the funds of the whales distributed across several wallets.

The confidence of large investors in digital currency is also enhanced by analysts’ forecasts, many of which speak of a medium-term price breakthrough and an increase in the MTC exchange rate to $ 12 thousand and even $ 20 thousand. However, for now, the bulls’ goal is to overcome resistance at $ 10 thousand and keep the price above this psychological mark.

, Getty Images, chart: Glassnode

The number of bitcoin whales reached a record level

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