Toyota develops autonomous trailer for on-the-go refueling

Toyota develops autonomous trailer for on-the-go refueling

Toyota has registered a patent for a self-contained trailer that can be summoned to recharge a battery or refuel a vehicle on the go.

According to the application, the trailer is designed to help drivers who have forgotten to replenish fuel or charge the battery in time and do not want to stand on the sidelines waiting for help. It will be equipped with an unmanned control system, so it will be able to independently reach the car and, depending on the model, deliver gasoline, diesel, hydrogen or electricity.

It is assumed that such trailers will be waiting for a new customer right on the roads or parking lots. After receiving the application, the system will be able to track the desired car using GPS, and when approaching, it activates the sensors to dock without damaging the customer’s vehicle. On the way back, the trailer itself will be able to make stops for refueling and recharging.

Registration of a patent does not mean its implementation, therefore, if we ever see such assistants on the road, then, most likely, this will not happen in the coming years. First of all, this is due to the current ban on the movement of unmanned vehicles on general roads. Another important factor is economic viability.

Another use case for unmanned technologies is road maintenance. The University of Liverpool recently funded the creation of the ARRES robotic system for quick repair of asphalt pavements.

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Toyota develops autonomous trailer for on-the-go refueling

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