Venice rolls out tide barrier system

Venice rolls out tide barrier system

The Venice administration announced the successful deployment of the MOSE system designed to protect the city from tides up to 3 meters.

The multi-billion dollar project is a chain of 78 bright yellow barriers located at the entrance to the Venetian lagoon. The system has already successfully protected the city from flooding that would have flooded low-lying areas by 70 cm.

The authorities have long doubted the wisdom of creating MOSE, fearing the impact of corruption, cost overruns and lengthy construction delays.

Following a successful rollout, the administration hopes the lack of flooding will help the city attract more tourists, whose shortage this year is driven by the coronavirus pandemic. In November 2019, Venice experienced one of the largest floods in decades, as a result of which St. Mark’s Square was covered with a meter layer of water.

We also reported earlier that the Dutch city of Arnhem decided to replace some of the asphalt with grass to soften the effects of rainfall and heat.

, Reuters

Venice rolls out tide barrier system

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