YouTube blocks cryptocurrency analyst channel Tony Weiss

YouTube blocks cryptocurrency analyst channel Tony Weiss

YouTube continues to struggle with cryptocurrency content on its platform. This time, a popular analyst, Tone Vays, came under the hand.

On Twitter, in a comment on a post where he posted a video cryptocurrency market analysis a few hours ago, Weiss wrote that YouTube had deleted the video because it contains “potentially inappropriate content.”

However, shortly after this, Weiss announced that his entire channel with almost 100 thousand subscribers was completely blocked.

“So, the situation is developing very quickly, and after the video was deleted, the entire channel was blocked. It seems that the YouTube team did not conduct any analysis of the situation, as the channel was blocked an hour after the warning and 30 minutes after my complaint. If the situation cannot be resolved, then perhaps I will have to change the scope of activity. In the afternoon I will trade cryptocurrencies, and in the evening I will conduct a video blog about food. ”

Recall that YouTube began to block content on cryptocurrency channels
in December last year. Later, service representatives said that the videos were deleted by mistake. At the end of February this year, the situation with the removal of video from cryptocurrency channels repeated.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a serious threat to everyone involved in the creation of content and using YouTube as the main platform for its monetization. That is why the participants of the cryptocurrency community are seriously discussing the idea of ​​creating a decentralized platform for the exchange of content, where no one will have sole control over the published materials.

YouTube blocks cryptocurrency analyst channel Tony Weiss

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